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Compost Heap

18th September, 2011. 4:52 pm.

Not sure where to market my short featuring LARP-ing angels.

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3rd August, 2011. 6:28 pm.

I wonder if it was a good idea to send the alternate ending in response to a personal rejection from a pro-market.

The assistant editor said everything was great except that the ending was too pessimistic. It just so happened I had removed the more optimistic ending (around 250 words) to save space and had been flip-flopping over it even as I submitted it.

Ah, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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30th June, 2011. 10:46 pm. Creeping toward the goal posts

Still simmering in that pro-market "good writing"-"enjoyed it"-"not going to take this one"-"please send more" phase of my writing career. C'mon boilage...

(Yes, I know what they say about watched pots.)

Current mood: vigilant.

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18th June, 2011. 10:18 am.

Hmm, my re-imagining Cinderella is too racy for the anthology I was considering. My fault for embracing the one of the original versions' bawdy use of "slipper".

Just got to wait for that market to come around again.

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31st May, 2011. 1:33 am. Challenge met...

And overcome.

I did the impossible: 31 stories in thirty-one days.

(Actually, it was 30 days as tomorrow I have to be on a plane to the States.)

I would do a happy dance, but I'm so sleepy that my eyeballs are melting out of my head. I'll have to save it for tomorrow, pre-plane.

No, really: yay.

Current mood: accomplished.

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27th May, 2011. 10:49 am. Story 27, dedicated to Gram Lee

Story 27: Avonella Saves the Day, in which the coupon-weilding ninja-gram uses her powers of intractability to foil an attempt by alien infiltrators to destroy the planet.

Thank you, Gram.

In memoriam.

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20th May, 2011. 1:24 am. 19 in the Can

Coming in again after midnight (that's what I get for trying to finish after my late shift).

Plowed through the superhero story I'd started on the 16th but had put aside. It simmered through three days (and three stories) before I could wrestle up the oxen to get that plow going.

I wonder what I'll write tomorrow. I'm thinking a rapture story, just in time for the May 21st doomsday.

But first, some sleep.

Current mood: rollin'.

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10th May, 2011. 11:11 pm. Stories 8 and 9

Hit a serious plateau between eight and nine. Eight bled into today. It has the potential to be the set up for a series of stories.

Cranking out number nine was tough. My brain wouldn't run with any of the prompts. Part of me is sick of the process, the internal editor uses the moments of weakness to reassert how every last word is the wrong one, every last idea is lame (with a capital L on the forehead loser-lame), and I should probably just call this whole exercise off.

Fortunately, the reasonable part of me wasn't totally comatose. Finished number nine, thank you, and though it's nothing to crow over (What first draft of anything is?), it has a beginning middle and end.

Meanwhile, every time I read in an author bio that "this story just wrote itself" I want to eat my fingers. I suppose looking back, I'll convince myself that a story that took a single sitting to write "wrote itself", but not while I'm only a third of the way through the month.

I can see this being the grueling workout I'll LOVE--after it's over.

Current mood: drained.

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8th May, 2011. 10:54 pm. Stories 4-7

Still on track: one story per day. Yesterday I only got halfway through, so had to make up the difference today. I'm still trying to catch up on the May 1st story I missed.

What have I learned? I'm ecstatic to have completed a full seven--and a bit anxious if I can keep this up. One of the things I'm having a hard time with is the marathon amount of time spent in front of the computer, especially on a beautiful sunny day off. Good thing M is nursing his foot; otherwise, we'd be out on one of our all-day bike rides through the mountains.

Wrapping up is still the big challenge for me. Starting out, okay. Throwing complications at the MC? Could go on forever (hold me back). Resolving to a point that it ends on a satisfying note? Hit or miss. The weakness is all the more obvious as I've had to do it seven times this week.

I'm on the dry path.

Current mood: drained.

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5th May, 2011. 12:35 am. Story 3: Cheaters, 2440 words

Prompt: He's a leather-clad guitar-strumming dog-catcher trapped in a world he never made. She's a plucky mute safe cracker looking for love in all the wrong places. They fight crime! (From http://www.theyfightcrime.org/ )

This one went VR, the safe-cracker is a hacker (safe-cracking code), the crime is of the cyber variety.

I like this one better. It has a lot to do with the mile swim before I sat down to the computer.

The alchemy continues.

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